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Determination of radioactivity levels and hazards of soil and sediment samples in Firtina Valley (Rize, Turkey).
The natural radioactivity levels in soil and sediment samples of Firtina Valley have been determined. To our knowledge, there seems to be no information about radioactivity level in the FirtinaExpand
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Assessment of metal element concentrations in mussel (M. Galloprovincialis) in Eastern Black Sea, Turkey.
The main goal of this work is to determine the effects of pollution of copper, lead and zinc mines on the Eastern Black Sea. Metal and heavy metal concentrations in the Eastern Black Sea mussels wereExpand
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Ecological half-life of 137Cs in mosses and lichens in the Ordu province, Turkey by Cevik and Celik.
Twenty-one years after the Chernobyl accident, lichen and moss samples were collected from the Ordu province, which was already chosen for a related study some years ago. It was observed that 137CsExpand
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Determination of indoor radon and soil radioactivity levels in Giresun, Turkey.
Indoor radon survey and gamma activity measurements in soil samples were carried out in the Giresun province (Northeastern Turkey). The result of analysis of variance showed a relationship betweenExpand
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Natural radioactivity in tap waters of Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.
In this study, the activity concentrations of some radionuclides in tap water samples of the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey were measured. The activity concentrations of radionuclides (214)Pb,Expand
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Determination of gross α and β activities in waters from Batman, Turkey
Abstract The city of Batman, located in the southeastern part of Turkey, has lately been receiving national attention because of its oil reserves and production, and cultural, tourist attractions andExpand
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Natural and artificial radioactivity measurements in Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.
In the present work, naturally occurring radionuclides of (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K were measured in soil samples collected from the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. It was found that theExpand
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Radioactivity in sediments and gross alpha–beta activities in surface water of Fırtına River, Turkey
The concentrations and distribution of natural and artificial radionuclides in sediment and water samples collected from Fırtına River in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey were investigated withExpand
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Radiological maps for Trabzon, Turkey.
The activity concentrations and absorbed gamma dose rates due to primordial radionuclides and (137)Cs have been ascertained in 222 soil samples in 18 counties of the Trabzon province of Turkey usingExpand
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Analysis of mosses along Sarp-Samsun highway in Turkey.
The elemental analysis of mosses along Sarp-Samsun highway in Turkey was determined using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence method. A radioisotope excited X-ray fluorescence analysis using theExpand
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