U-sa Rattanaudompol

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Aggregation of fullerene nanoparticles (nC(60)) is a fundamental process influencing its environmental fate and transport, and toxicity. Using time-resolved dynamic light scattering we systematically investigated aggregation kinetics of nC(60) generated from extended mixing in water (termed as aqu/nC(60)) in a range of symmetrical monovalent (NaCl) or(More)
Little is known about how low levels of surfactants can affect the colloidal stability of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and how surfactant-wrapping of SWNTs can impact ecological exposures in aqueous systems. In this study, SWNTs were suspended in water with sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) as a surface-active dispersing agent. The effect of SDS(More)
Increasing production and use of fullerene-based nanomaterials underscore the need to determine their mobility in environmental transport pathways and potential ecological exposures. This study investigated the transport of two fullerenes (i.e., aqu/C(60) and water-soluble C(60) pyrrolidine tris-acid [C(60) PTA]) in columns packed with model porous media(More)
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