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BACKGROUND Owing to twenty years of multicentric interdisciplinary cooperation, the COSS group has been able to collect data on a large group of osteosarcoma patients treated by neoadjuvant therapy. This paper reviews results achieved in patients with localized extremity tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS INCLUSION CRITERIA Registration into a completed(More)
Many women report an increase in foot size during their pregnancy. Our objective was to verify this anecdotal evidence. In an initial survey of 21 mothers in 2 Münster nursery schools we found a tendency towards an increase in foot size during pregnancy. We therefore developed a measuring system to measure changes in foot length, width, height and volume. A(More)
Die Veränderungen des Fußes während der Schwangerschaft wurden bisher nur selten untersucht. Nach einer Umfrage unter 21 Müttern in 2 Kindergärten zeigte sich die Tendenz einer Größenzunahme der Füße während der Schwangerschaft. Wir versuchen, diese subjektiven Erfahrungen zu objektivieren und zu quantifizieren. Es wurden Messgeräte entwickelt, um(More)
With the increasing use of computers in the hospital, staff have to face working with a new medium and technology. Computer training is required to increase user acceptance. After a brief presentation of the current teaching concept, the effectiveness and long-term results of computer classes that have been offered at the University Hospital of Münster(More)
Structured documentation of medical procedures facilitates information retrieval for research and therapy and may help to improve patient care. Most medical documents until today however consist mainly of unstructured narrative text. Here we present an application for endoscopy which is not only fully integrated into a comprehensive clinical information(More)
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