U.V. Kulkarni

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during the last forty years, Handwritten Character Recognition (HCR) has most often been investigated under the framework of Character Recognition (OCR) and Pattern Recognition. HCR is more considered as a perceptual and interpretation task closely connected with research into Human Language. India is a country which uses many languages in the different(More)
As the enormous amount of on-line text grows on the World-Wide Web, the development of methods for automatically summarizing this text becomes more important. The primary goal of this research is to create an efficient tool that is able to summarize large documents automatically. We propose an Evolving connectionist System that is adaptive, incremental(More)
over the past half century, the problem of text summarization has been addressed from many different perspectives, in various domains and using various paradigms. This paper intends to investigate machine learning for the text summarization system, taking into account of exciting new developments in adaptive evolving systems. Evolving processes, through(More)
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