U. T. Nguyen

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Elucidating the molecular details of how chromatin-associated factors deposit, remove and recognize histone post-translational modification (PTM) signatures remains a daunting task in the epigenetics field. We introduce a versatile platform that greatly accelerates biochemical investigations into chromatin recognition and signaling. This technology is based(More)
The H3K4me3 mark in chromatin is closely correlated with actively transcribed genes, although the mechanisms involved in its generation and function are not fully understood. In vitro studies with recombinant chromatin and purified human factors demonstrate a robust SET1 complex (SET1C)-mediated H3K4 trimethylation that is dependent upon p53- and(More)
The development of Web bots capable of exhibiting human-like browsing behavior has long been the goal of practitioners on both side of security spectrum - malicious hackers as well as security defenders. For malicious hackers such bots are an effective vehicle for bypassing various layers of system/network protection or for obstructing the operation of(More)
In the past, there have been many attempts at developing accurate models of human-like browsing behavior. However, most of these attempts/models suffer from one of following drawbacks: they either require that some previous history of actual human browsing on the target web-site be available (which often is not the case); or, they assume that `think times'(More)
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