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On centrifugation in a CsCl density gradient the three tymoviruses, eggplant mosaic, wild cucumber mosaic, and okra mosaic, separate into a major bottom component and several less dense minor components. The RNA of the top component is composed of about 90% tRNA and 10% of an approximately 250 000 dalton messenger RNA. The latter induced the synthesis of(More)
Naturally occurring defective interfering RNAs (DI-RNAs) and satellite RNAs greatly reduce the accumulation of their helper virus in vivo, but often modulate symptom expression in an unpredictable manner. Deletion mutants Nc/S, Na/M and Sa/Nc + M/S, derived from brome mosaic virus (BMV) RNA-2, failed to replicate when co-inoculated with BMV RNAs-1 and -2 to(More)
1. Decapped tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) RNA and rabbit globin mRNA were prepared by enzymic treatment of RNAs with nucleotide pyrophosphatase purified from potato. The extent of removal of 5'-terminal 7-methylguanosine 5'-monophosphate (m7GMP) from TMV RNA was at least 97% as estimated by labeling of the 5' termini in vitro with(More)
Thermostable low molecular weight translational inhibitor was found in wheat germ cell-free extract. The inhibitor was formed during preincubation of wheat S-23 fraction with components of the energy-supplying system (ATP, GTP, phosphoenolpyruvate) in the absence of exogenous mRNA. The inhibitor effectively and irreversibly blocks protein synthesis in both(More)
Ribonucleic acids from three plant viruses: potato virus X (PVX), potato virus M (PVM) and white clover mosaic virus (WClMV) have been purified and used as messengers in a wheat germ cell-free system. It was demonstrated that each of these viruses contained heavy genomic RNA species of mol. wt. about 2 x 10(6), which appeared to be very efficient templates(More)
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