U Sonnleitner-Wittauer

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Silver staining techniques developed to demonstrate argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions (Ag-NORs) have been widely applied in a variety of cell kinetic studies, using the mean number of AgNORs in tumour cells as a marker for malignancy of certain types of neoplasms. However, the AgNOR techniques currently available are not entirely satisfactory, as(More)
The distribution of neuropeptide-tyrosin (NPY)- and C-flanking peptide of neuropeptide-tyrosine (C-PON)-immunoreactivities in the central nervous system of the pulmonate gastropod, Helix pomatia, was investigated. NPY- and C-PON-like substances were localized in neuronal somata and neuntes, but were not co-localized within the same cells. NPY-immunoreactive(More)
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