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The life-history of Haplorchoides mehrai Pande & Shukla, 1976 is elucidated. The cercariae occurred in the thiarid snail Melanoides tuberculatus (Muller) collected from Chilka Lake, Orissa State. Metacercariae were found beneath the scales of Puntius sophore (Hamilton). Several species of catfishes in the lake served as definitive hosts. All stages in the(More)
Cercariae and metacercariae of the acanthocolpid trematode, Stephanostomum cloacum (Srivastava, 1938) are described and illustrated, based on material collected from Chilka Lake, a brackish water lagoon. Natural infections with the cercariae were found in the snail, Nassarius orissaensis and with the metacercariae in the bivalve, Modiolus undulatus.(More)
Two species of the mazocraeid monogenean genus Paramazocraes Tripathi, 1959 are redescribed based on specimens collected from the gills of clupeoid fishes off the Visakhapatnam coast, Bay Bengal: Paramazocraes thrissocles Tripathi, 1959 from Thryssa mystax (Bloch & Schneider), T. setirostris (Broussonet), T. malabarica (Bloch) and Paramazocraes setipinna(More)
Thysanotohaptor n. gen. (Neocalceostomatidae) is proposed to accommodate Thysanotohaptor rex n. sp. collected from the gills of the blackfin sea catfish Arius jella Day (Siluriformes: Ariidae) from off the coast of Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, India. Thysanotohaptor is differentiated from the other known neocalceostomatid genera by its(More)
An investigation was undertaken on the population biology of the mazocraeid monogenean Paramazocreas thrissocles occurring on the gills of the engraulid fish Thryssa mystax at Visakhapatnam coast , Bay of Bengal. The influence of season and host size on the parasite population density and the dispersion pattern of the parasite in the host population were(More)
Three species of Heteromazocraes Mamaev, 1981 including two new taxa are described from the gills of three species of engraulid fishes Thryssa mystax (Bloch & Schneider), T. setirostris (Broussonet) and T. malabarica (Bloch) collected from the coastal waters off Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal. Heteromazocraes thryssaensis n. sp. differs from the closely(More)
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