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The transdermal nicotine patch has proved an effective aid to smoking cessation. The ease of securing good compliance gives it a potential advantage over nicotine gum as an adjunct to brief advice and support in primary care settings where the major public health impact is obtained. In a preliminary report of half the sample of a randomized placebo(More)
OBJECTIVES (a) To evaluate the efficacy of transdermal nicotine patches as an aid to stopping smoking when used as an adjunct to brief advice and support in a general practice setting; (b) to see whether an increase in nicotine patch dosage enhances the rate of initial cessation. DESIGN Randomised double blind placebo controlled parallel group study with(More)
Higher dosage nicotine patches increase one-year smoking cessation rates: results from the European CEASE trial. P. Tùnnesen, P. Paoletti, G. Gustavsson, M.A. Russell, R. Saracci, A. Gulsvik, B. Rijcken, U. Sawe members of the Steering Committee of CEASE on behalf of the European Respiratory Society. #ERS Journals Ltd 1999. ABSTRACT: The Collaborative(More)
The Collaborative European Anti-Smoking Evaluation (CEASE) was a European multicentre, randomized, double-blind placebo controlled smoking cessation study. The objectives were to determine whether higher dosage and longer duration of nicotine patch therapy would increase the success rate. Thirty-six chest clinics enrolled a total of 3,575 smokers. Subjects(More)
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