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BACKGROUND Malaria, a scourge of mankind, imposes a huge socioeconomic burden in tropical countries. Emergence of multi-drug resistant malarial parasites impels us to explore novel drug targets. Thioredoxin reductase is a promising antimalarial drug target. METHODS The Thioredoxin reductase enzyme of Plasmodium falciparum was characterized in silico and(More)
Microbial biotransformation of monoterpenes results in the formation of many valuable compounds. Many microorganisms can be used to carry out extremely specific conversions using substrates of low commercial value. Absidia corulea MTCC 1335 was examined for its ability to transform α-Pinene enantiomers. The substrates (−)-α-Pinene and (+)-α-Pinene converted(More)
As we are ushering in new age of data driven world, we face an enormous challenge of deriving information from heaps of data available. The amount of data being generated is overwhelming and this calls for exploring novel and effective methods for clustering and classification of such data. CAM kinase family is known to contain many enzymes involved in(More)
Keratin protein is ubiquitous in most vertebrates and invertebrates, and has several important cellular and extracellular functions that are related to survival and protection. Keratin function has played a significant role in the natural selection of an organism. Hence, it acts as a marker of evolution. Much information about an organism and its evolution(More)
Availability of enormous number of sequences in public domain databases warrants the need for effective tools for clustering and classification of such data. AGC protein kinase family is known to contain many enzymes involved in important cellular processes. In the present study, 21 important physicochemical parameters were calculated for 115 sequences of(More)
An artificial neural network method is presented for classification and identification of Anopheles mosquito species based on the internal transcribed spacer2 (ITS2) data of ribosomal DNA string. The method is implemented in two different multi-layered feed-forward neural network model forms, namely, multi-input single-output neural network (MISONN) and(More)
∆9(15) Africanene, a medicinally important natural sesquiterpenoid has been subjected to chemical transformations to prepare aromatic, hetero aromatic, and aliphatic esters. The synthesized compounds were characterized using IR, mass, and NMR spectrometric analysis. The compounds were evaluated for their antibacterial activities.
Malaria remains one of the leading causes of deaths attributable to a communicable disease globally. The reemergence of drug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum, the most fatal human malarial parasite, has necessitated the exploration of different pathways to provide the urgently required novel drug targets. Aspartate carbamoyltransferase, an enzyme of de novo(More)
In this study, data mining approach was used to generate association rules for predicting average flexibility from the various derived sequence and structural features. 21 parameters were calculated and their variable importance was calculated for 115 sequences of AGC kinase family belonging to mouse and human using Classification and Regression Tree(More)
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