U. Riethmüller

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Repeated intramuscular injection of ceftriaxone to rabbits with manifest syphilitic orchitis leads to clinical cure as does penicillin, given the serum levels reached are similar to the ones obtained clinically in man. Totally different to untreated controls the Treponema pallidum hemagglutination (TPHA) titers remain relatively low and later even tend to(More)
While ceftizoxime given as a single intramuscular shot cures uncomplicated gonorrhoea in almost every case, its efficacy against Treponema pallidum in cases of concomitant incubating syphilis is less clear. To analyse this question, the rabbit orchitis model was used. After initial experiments defining appropriate inocula and doses, ceftizoxime was compared(More)
A procedure dating back to the early penicillin era is adapted in order to determine the activity of the new cephalosporins ceftizoxime and ceftriaxone against Treponema pallidum in vitro. While the well-known activity of penicillin G is confirmed for the virulent Nichols strain (0.002 micrograms/ml lead to 50% immobilisation) the new cephalosporins turn(More)
Es werden zwei Biotestmethoden mit Kartoffelblättern fürBacillus thuringiensis subspec.tenebrionis (B.t.t.) gegen Kartoffelkäferlarven des 1. Larvenstadiums (L1) vorgestellt. Die erste Biotestmethode dient zur Bestimmung der LC 50 und ermöglicht einen Vergleich zwischen verschiedenenB.t.t.-Chargen. Hierbei wurde mit guter Reproduzierbarkeit die LC 50 für(More)
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