U R Rout

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  • C H Psy, O Lo, G Y, H Ealt H, M Ed, U Rout +1 other
  • 2001
A bstract T his paper attempts to com pare job stress, job satisfaction and m ental wellbeing of m ale and female general practitioners (G Ps) from a questionna ire study. Female G Ps show ed positive signs of mental wellbeing in contrast with a norm ative group. Conv ersely, m ale doctors showed signi® cantly higher anxiety and depression scores than the(More)
This is a description comparing job stress, job satisfaction, and mental well-being of general practitioners (n = 205) and practice nurses (n = 119) in England, based on responses to a questionnaire. General practitioners reported lower job satisfaction and significantly greater pressure at work than did the practice nurses. Also, male general practitioners(More)
This paper describes a preliminary study of diagnosis and treatment of depression by general practitioners in England. They regarded primary care depression as a reactive mood disorder with both physical and psychological symptoms and associated with those groups who are most vulnerable to life stressors. Four groups were seen as at risk from depression:(More)
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