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The first complete running time analysis of a stochastic divide and conquer algorithm was given for Quicksort, a sorting algorithm invented 1961 by Hoare. We analyse here the variant Random Median Quicksort. The analysis includes the expectation, the asymptotic distribution, the moments and exponential moments. The asymptotic distribution is characterized(More)
In this paper we study the asymptotic behaviour of the solution of the stochastic differential equation dX,: g(X,) dt + o(X,) d\, where 6 and g are positive functions and W, is a Wiener process. We clarify, under which conditions X, may be approximated on {X,-rn} by means of a deterministic function. Further the question is treated, whether X, converges in(More)
Most previous studies concerning the associations between work and mental ill-health have used dimensional self-report questionnaires for mental health problems (e.g., depressive symptoms). This study contributes to occupational health research by providing standardized clinical diagnoses based on DSM-IV criteria. A total of 2329 employees (age 18 Á65(More)
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