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A virtual laboratory, SWILAB, useful to develop and carry out fully simulated experiences on electrical and electronic circuits by using instrumentation simulators is proposed. SWILAB, running on Windows 95 or superior, includes several instruments like waveform generators, analog and digital oscilloscopes, analog and digital voltmeters and a Device Under(More)
The authors analyze data of 100 consecutive mediastinoscopies, performed for diagnostic and/or staging purposes in suspected or known bronchogenic carcinomas. They confirm once again how mediastinoscopy is, in many cases, the only diagnostic procedure that can give, at the same time, a preoperative histological diagnosis and a quite accurate staging, thus(More)
Personal experience of 6 hepatectomies at the some time as primary colorectal tumour excision is reported. Like most Italian and foreign Authors, the paper stresses the negligible mortality and morbidity after this double surgery. Moreover, in these particular patients, it was never necessary to postpone hepatectomy. Finally, emphasis is placed on the(More)
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