U. Narayan Bhat

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In this paper, a new model for parallel computations and parallel computer systems that is based on data flow principles is presented. Uninterpreted data flow graphs can be used to model computer systems including data driven and parallel processors. A data flow graph is defined to be a bipartite graph with actors and links as the two vertex classes. Actors(More)
Dataflow graphs are a generalized model of computation. Uninterpreted dataflow graphs with nondeterminism resolved via probabilities are shown to be isomorphic to a class of Petri nets known as free choice nets. Petri net analysis methods are readily available in the literature and this result makes those methods accessible to dataflow research.(More)
A model for a t,me-shanng operating system is developed in order to assess the effects of dynamic quantum allocation and overhead vanabdity on central processing unit (CPU) efficiency CPU efficiency is determmed by the proportion of time devoted to user-oriented (problem state) tasks within a busy period Computational results indicate that a dynamic quantum(More)