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PURPOSE To describe the perfusion pattern of giant cell tumor (GCT) of bone with Gd-enhanced dynamic MR imaging. To compare time-intensity-curves in patients with local recurrence and postoperative alterations without recurrence. METHODS Nine patients (5 women, 4 men) with GCT of bone underwent 19 dynamic MRI examinations. Mean age was 34 years (range(More)
Die Überprüfung der Genauigkeit, der Durchführbarkeit und die Erfassung eventueller Komplikationen der MRT-gesteuerten Tumorbiopsie am Bewegungsapparat war Ziel dieser prospektiven Studie.Die Genauigkeit der Punktion wurde in einer Ex-vivo-Versuchsreihe überprüft.Anhand von 19 Punktionen an 18 Patienten erfolgte die klinische Evaluation der MRT-(More)
A38-year-old man from India presented for evaluation of a painful vascular malformation of the right hand and forearm that limited the use of his right hand (Figure 1). The malformation had existed since childhood. Other parts of the body showed no abnormalities. Several operations (details not known) had been performed in India without success. The(More)
A polyclonal, monospecific antiserum raised against a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor protein affinity-purified from insect nervous tissue, was employed to demonstrate the localization of antigenic sites in the neuropile of the terminal (sixth) abdominal ganglion of the cockroach Periplaneta americana. In agreement with previously published(More)
Fragestellung: Vergleich zwischen Farbdopplersonographie und Portographie zur Nachsorge von TIPSS-Patienten. Material und Methoden: In einer prospektiven Studie wurde bei 40 konsekutiven TIPSS-Patienten im Rahmen der Nachsorge eine venöse Portographie und am selben Tag eine Farbdopplersonographie durchgeführt. Innerhalb des TIPSS wurden Flußwerte am(More)
PURPOSE to demonstrate and document TIPSS-induced changes of the perfusion pattern of the liver with special reference to several rheologic, morphologic, functional and biochemical parameters. Our analysis was based on a study in 100 consecutive cases. PATIENTS AND METHODS Evaluation and assessment of the following parameters before and within a 30-day(More)
TIPSS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt) may be indicated to control bleeding from esophageal and gastric varicose veins, to reduce ascites, and to treat patients with Budd-Chiari syndrome and veno-occlusive disease. Numerous measures to improve the safety and methodology of the procedure have helped to increase the technical and clinical(More)
MATERIALS AND METHODS After creation of necrosis in 23 sheep, the composites were implanted in half of the animals. The animals were sacrificed 6 and 12 weeks after implantation and the femora were harvested. The specimens were investigated by microradiography, computed tomography, and histologically. RESULTS The GDF-5 composites were effective in the(More)
Glutamate decarboxylase immunoreactivity has been located in the thoracic ganglia of the locust, Locusta migratoria, using an antiserum raised from rat brain. At the light microscopic level clusters of nerve cell somata as well as nerve fibres were positively labelled by the antiserum. Electron microscopy showed that glutamic acid decarboxylase was(More)
MRI-guided musculoskeletal biopsy has been mentioned to be a minimally invasive method to obtain specimens for diagnostic purposes in bone tumors. To evaluate the viability, to assess the accuracy, and to record possible complications of this method, clinical data of 19 MRI-guided biopsies were analyzed. Interventions were performed on 18 patients (1-78(More)