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The time course of pancreatic effects of somatostatin was studied over a period of 2 h in unanesthetized unrestrained rats after administration of the peptide by intravenous infusion and by single and multiple subcutaneous injections. During infusion of 10 and 30 micrograms/kg per min, somatostatin continuously suppressed plasma insulin and plasma glucagon.(More)
The effect of 3 nootropic drugs, meclofenoxat (MEC), piracetam (PIR) and orotic acid (methylglucamine orotate, MGO), on locomotor activity and on rotational behavior after intracerebral injection of dopamine was tested in female Wistar rats. Whereas MGO-pretreatment increased the dopaminergic supersensitivity following repeated haloperidol in both(More)
Ethanol interacts with several central transmission systems. Following ethanol application we observed an inhibition of locomotion, vigilance and muscle tone in a modified Irwin-behaviour test. The effect was strengthened by a single dose of haloperidol. Contrary to this observation the ethanol effects decreased when haloperidol was given repeatedly for(More)
Hypobaric hypoxic exposure for 18 h (pO2 8.7 kPa) effects characteristic changes of motoric behaviour in adult rats. We observed a posthypoxic increase of spontaneous locomotion and of open-field activity. 24 h after hypoxic exposure the locomotion stimulated by dopaminergic agonists apomorphine or amphetamine was strengthened. Dopaminergic nuclei showed a(More)
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