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A 16S rDNA-PCR assay for Mycoplasma pneumoniae applied to nasopharyngeal secretion (NPS) or pharyngeal swab (PS) from children with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) was prospectively compared to serological tests including complement fixation (CF) test, a mu-capture enzyme immuno assay (EIA) for the detection of specific IgM, and an EIA for the detection(More)
The authors report on a healthy 21-month-old toddler with 13% TBSA deep scald burns who was successfully grafted (take 100%). In the immediate postoperative phase, the patient developed classical aphthous stomatitis and subsequent herpes viremia leading to severe viral "graftitis". Although immediately administered intravenous acyclovir therapy appeared to(More)
Kindesmisshandlung findet überwiegend im familiären Umfeld statt. Sie ist häufig Ausdruck der Unfähigkeit Erwachsener, auf kindliche Bedürfnisse einzugehen. Aus Überforderungssituationen heraus ergreifen Erwachsene bewusst oder unbewusst, jedoch nie zufällig, Maßnahmen, die bei Kindern schwerwiegende, bleibende, körperliche und seelische Schäden(More)
Changes in EEG and cEEG were studied in two groups of patients premedicated with promethazine in a dosage of 50 mg iv; study group A consisted of patients whose age ranged from 20-50 years and study group B of patients whose age was above 70 years. The observation time was 15 min but in a few patients only it was extended to 60 min. Changes in behaviour(More)
  • U. Lips
  • Fortschritte der Medizin
  • 1984
The study presented was based on the concept, that the eclamptic convulsions reflect multiple damages of the central nervous system. Primary damage occurs in the cerebral vessels, which leads to 1. volume overload of the cerebral tissue, 2. loss of fluid out of the vascular system, 3. intracranial pressure fluctuation caused by the loss of cerebral(More)
Der Alkoholmissbrauch im Kindes- und Jugendalter nahm in der Schweiz während der letzten 3 Dekaden laut WHO-Untersuchungen zu. Bei der vorliegenden Arbeit handelt es sich um eine retrospektive Analyse von 103 wegen Ethanolintoxikation an der Universitätskinderklinik Zürich behandelten Patienten (1971–1997). Untersucht wurden die soziodemographischen Daten,(More)
Changes of EEG and Computer-EEG have been studied in a group of young patients premedicated intravenously with 10 mg of Triflupromazine, Druginduced changes of cerebral function caused especially variations of alpha-amplitude, in addition an increase of delta-delta/theta- and occasionally of beta-activity. The extend of EEG-changes depended on the(More)
In severely burned patients water and electrolyte imbalance is the most obvious disturbance during the shock period but problems also occur because of large protein losses and absorption of toxic products from the damaged skin. These factors may impair brain function and this may be further affected by the action of drugs used for therapy. Brain function(More)
Visual evaluation of the EEG and spectral analysis of the background activity are useful in monitoring changes of cerebral function caused by sedatives, hypoxia and changes in state of health. Continuous slow changes of the EEG are indicative of critical situations of cerebral blood flow or metabolism. Monitoring cerebral function of 40 sedated and(More)