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BACKGROUND S-100 protein serum concentration (S-100) serves as a marker of cerebral ischemia in cardiac surgery, head injury and stroke. In these circumstances S-100 corresponds well with the results of neuropsychological tests. The aim of the present study was to investigate the value of S-100 and neuron specific enolase (NSE) in reflecting postoperative(More)
The relation between a paper-pencil test of sustained attention (d2-letter cancellation test, d2-LCT) and the contingent negative variation (CNV) as a cortical slow potential was calculated in 23 healthy undergraduate students. Both d2-LCT and CNV reflect selective, focussed attention. There was a Pearson correlation coefficient of r = -0.670 between the(More)
BACKGROUND Duration of a migraine disease and hypervigilance are factors which possibly enable the transformation from episodic into chronic migraine. To elucidate this assumption, attentional parameters were measured by recording contingent negative variation (CNV) and correlated with the individual duration of migraine disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS A(More)
We examined the effect of high frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on the onset of brachial plexus block. Three groups of patients scheduled for surgery of the hand had a local anaesthetic block performed with 40 ml mepivacaine 1.5% using the axillary approach. After injection of the local anaesthetic transcutaneous electrical nerve(More)
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