U. L. Fulco

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The site-diluted Ising ferromagnet is investigated on a square lattice, within short-time-dynamics numerical simulations, for different site concentrations. The dynamical exponents θ and z are obtained and it is shown that these exponents do depend strongly on the disorder, exhibiting a clear breakdown of universality, characterized by relative variations(More)
There has been growing interest in the study of LÃ evy ights observed in the movements of biological organisms performing random walks while searching for other organisms. Here, we approach the problem of what is the best statistical strategy for optimizing the encounter rate between " searcher " and " target " organisms—either of the same or of diierent(More)
In this work, we study the critical behavior of an epidemic propagation model that considers individuals that can develop drug resistance. In our lattice model, each site can be found in one of four states: empty, healthy, normally infected (not drug resistant) and strain infected (drug resistant) states. The most relevant parameters in our model are(More)
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