U. Kollenkirchen

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Using an experimental rat model, this study was undertaken to assess the effects of a short-term application of high dose 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1,25-(OH)2D3] on calcium homeostasis, cancellous bone formation, and numbers of osteoblast precursors in ex vivo bone marrow cultures. For Exp 1 and 2, 6-month-old female rats were sc injected with either 0.2(More)
It is now thought that osteoblasts (OB) stem from mesenchymal precursor cells (fibroblastic colony forming units or CFU-f) in the bone marrow. As the availability of these cells may have a profound effect on bone formation, the effect of age and ovariectomy (OVX) on CFU-f numbers was studied. It was found that with increasing age the numbers of CFU-f in the(More)
A major obstacle of testosterone (T) treatment in experimental animals is the difficulty of maintaining long-term physiologic/anabolic steady serum levels after exogenous T administration. In two complementary studies we investigated the pharmacokinetic properties of different T formulations in male rats. Study I. Mature male Wistar rats (> 380 g, n = 4 -(More)
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