U. Kirchhöfer

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Camptocormia is defined as a forced posture with a forward-bent trunk which appears during standing and sitting. It was first described in 1818 by Brodie. In the last 100 years, numerous cases were observed. A psychogenic origin was presumed in most cases. We describe four patients with typical symptoms of camptocormia who present with the clinical and(More)
Several tests of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function have been approved for the diagnosis of autonomic regulation dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. In the present study we compared the diagnostic value of the sympathetic skin response (SSR) with the established methods. Ninety percent of the 20 patients we examined (10 women, 10 men, 46 to 80(More)
Unter Kamptokormia wird eine unwillkürliche Beugung des Rumpfes nach vorn, welche im Sitzen und Stehen auftritt, verstanden. Die Krankheit ist seit über 180 Jahren bekannt, sie wurde bisher pathogenetisch unterschiedlich eingeordnet. In erster Linie wurde eine psychogene Erkrankung postuliert. Anhand von 4 Fallbeschreibungen wird vorgeschlagen, die(More)
There are many methods to choose from in the investigation of the autonomic nervous system. The value of the individual tests to the clinician varies according to the method of investigation used. No one test can elucidate all the information needed for all functional disturbances. As a routine, measurement of blood pressure and heart rate reaction to(More)
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