U. K. Sarkar

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In fish, otoliths are continuously deposited elements with environmental information. This paper discusses the bioaccumulation level of essential and non-essential metals in water and otoliths samples of two threatened freshwater catfishes of genus Ompok collected from the Gomti river of Uttar Pradesh, India. The concentration level of trace metals (Ba, Sr,(More)
The captive breeding of butter catfish (Ompok bimaculatus, Bloch 1794), a threatened silurid of Indian sub-continent was successfully carried out at the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow. Ten induced breeding trials conducted on the fish revealed that the fish can be naturally spawned in controlled conditions using sGnRH analogue and(More)
The river Ganges is the largest river in India and the fifth longest in the world. Although, many studies on fish ecology and systematic have been conducted largely to improve fisheries but fish diversity and their distribution pattern from conservation point of view have never been adequately addressed in the Ganges. In this connection, current(More)