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The effects of combined inhalatory exposure to m-xylene and toluene on the rat hepatocytes were investigated. Limited proliferation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum and increase of the number of lysosomes were observed in hepatocytes after 3-months of single exposure to 1000 ppm of m-xylene and toluene. Moreover, mitochondria increased in most of(More)
Studies on rats treated for 8 months with ethanol (10% solution in drinking water) and simultaneously exposed to xylene vapour (12,000 mg/m3, 5 hr daily) for the last 9 days revealed that the chemicals exert additive stimulatory effect on hepatic microsomal monooxygenase: the activity of aniline p-hydroxylase increased by 380%, microsomal ethanol oxidizing(More)
In mammals, the damage to the hair cells of the inner ear due to exposure to noise or other ototoxic agents is irreversible. In fish, reptiles and birds, however, the hair cells may regenerate, probably from the supporting cells. This regeneration process in the inner ear is being intensively examined in animals in the hope of curing the sensorineural(More)
Prolonged Exposure to Industrial Noise: Cochlear Pathology does not Correlate with the Degree of Permanent Threshold Shift, but is Related ́ ́ to Duration of Exposure: Mariola SLIWINSKA-KOWALSKA, et al. Department of Physical Hazards, The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine—It has been shown that the damaging effects of noise on the mammalian inner(More)
It has been demonstrated that the auditory epithelium in the chick basilar papilla may regenerate after acoustic or ototoxic damage. Both types of damage may elicit the appearance of new cells that may develop in to the sensory cells. Factors inducing this process and the role of ganglion cells, the first neuron cells in the auditory pathway, are still(More)
The basilar papilla corresponds to the cochlea of mammals and is becoming a common model of assessment of the regeneration process which takes place after the damage to the inner ear caused by noise or ototoxic drugs. In this study the morphology of a chick's basilar papilla in light and electron microscopy is described. There are two types of hair cells(More)
Female Wistar rats were injected (sc) every second day for 8 weeks with Cd (0.25 mg/kg) as CdCl2. After only a 2-week exposure, when cadmium (Cd) concentration in liver was about 13 micrograms/g, ultrastructural examinations revealed some irregular ergastoplasm systems and significant proliferation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum in the hepatocyte(More)
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