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Optimized spectrum sensing using techniques for secondary user spectrum access is becoming important in Cognitive Radio (CR) systems, which have been proposed to utilize the available frequency spectrum more efficiently. For achieving best performance and ensuring minimal acceptable interference to spectrum owners, it is important to accurately sense and(More)
The performance of coated inserts was described using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) when turning AISI 4340 alloy steel using single layer PVD and triple layer CVD coated inserts. Cutting tests were performed under dry cutting conditions so as to reduce the effects of cooling agents on the environment. Surface roughness (Ra) was the main response(More)
Web personalization is a challenging strategy; this concept provides various techniques tomake a website according the requirements of the customer because the impact of the World Wide Web as a main source of information acquisition is increasing dramatically. The existence of such abundance of information leads to the information overload, in combination(More)
With millions of pages available on web, it has become difficult to access relevant information. One possible approach to solve this problem is web personalization. Web personalization is the process of customizing a Web site to the needs of specific users, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired from the analysis of the user's navigational behavior(More)