U. Hildebrand

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The present study performed on a total of 567 cases of human female breast cancer compares the results of the biochemical assay (dextran-coated charcoal assay = DCC) for oestrogen receptor (ER) with those of several morphological methods developed for the detection of the ER or for the prediction of prognosis by use of other systems (FSA = fluorescent(More)
Iron depletion seems to occur more frequently among athletes than in the general population and may affect performance capacity. Only little information is available about the prevalence of iron status abnormalities in young elite athletes and whether iron depletion is associated with gender, sport, age or nutrition- and exercise-related factors in this(More)
In this paper the MEMSY experimental multiprocessor system is described. This system was built to validate the MEMSY architecture-a scalable multiprocessor architecture based on locally shared-memory and other communication media. It also serves as a study of different kinds of application programs which solve a variety of real problems encountered in(More)
Low molecular weight (LMW)-heparin was used as the sole anticoagulant during hemodialysis and hemofiltration in a pilot study on 32 patients. A LMW-heparin dose corresponding to 50% of the patients usual unfractionated, standard (UF)-heparin dose was found to produce comparable plasma heparin levels (anti-FXa-activity). No thrombosis of the extracorporal(More)
A 59-year-old white man presented with painless scrotal swelling, a symptom he stated he had had for "several decades." Pathologic examination (conventional stainings, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy) revealed a cystic papillary tumor that was classified as a serous papillary cystadenoma, ovarian type, of borderline malignancy, with focal(More)