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To obtain information about the possible release of beta-casomorphins from beta-casein under in vitro conditions, cows' milk was incubated with 13 strains of Gram-negative or Gram-positive bacterial species isolated from bovine milk. After incubation periods of 1-24 d, milk samples were assayed for beta-casomorphin-4, -5, -6 or -7 immunoreactive materials.(More)
The purpose of the present clinical studies was to determine the clinical efficacy of a combined parenteral and oral treatment with Bisolvon in combination with antibiotics in bovines suffering from acute respiratory disease. To this end four trials were conducted in respiratory diseased bovines; a total of 619 animals were evaluated. The animals were(More)
755 patients were treated because of tuberculosis from 1984-1989. The treatment was standardized according to the recommendations. INH and RMP were used in over 95% as in the hospital as in the ambulatory phase. During the period of 6 yrs. the use of SM was markedly reduced (21.8%) while the use of PZA increased from 14.6% to 55.0%. At least four drugs were(More)
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