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We present 2 cases of intussusception of the appendix vermiformis (IAV) in children. Sonographic examination demonstrated a lead point within a characteristic multiconcentric ring sign, and longitudinal sonograms showed the inverted appendix protruding into the cecal lumen. A contrast-enema study, using a water-soluble contrast medium, was performed in each(More)
We report on a 4-year-old girl who experienced rectal trauma during swimming, sitting on an uncovered draining valve in the swimming pool. This resulted in a powerful suction effect on her rectum, followed by rupture of the sigmoid colon and evisceration of the small intestine. Laparotomy showed a near complete necrosis of the small bowel because of(More)
We report on a 7-month-old boy with a simple cyst of the testis who was treated with excision and testicular preservation. Benign testicular tumors are more common in children than in adults (30%). Ultrasound may permit identification of benign testicular lesions. As simple cysts are isolated benign entities they may be treated by testisparing surgery.
Isolierte Rupturen im Bereich des oberen Jejunums im Rahmen von stumpfen Bauchtraumen sind selten. Eine häufige betroffene Patientengruppen stellen Kinder im Schulalter dar. Eine anfangs gering ausgeprägte Klinik und demzufolge eine oftmals verzögerte Diagnosestellung sind für diese Verletzungen typisch. Anhand eines Fallberichts eines 7-jährigen Mädchens(More)
Sporadic persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycaemia in a newborn is a rare disease which requires early surgical treatment if conservative therapy fails. We report on a newborn female in whom PHHI was diagnosed at the second day of life. She presented with severe hypoglycemia and high levels of plasma insulin. Conservative treatment failed and a near-total(More)
Bei Kindern kommt Typhus abdominalis in den Industrieländern nur vereinzelt vor. Dementsprechend sind die Literaturangaben über die oft schwierige Diagnostik und Therapie nur spärlich. Intestinale Perforationen sind die Komplikationen, die für die hohe Morbititäts- und Mortalitätsrate verantwortlich sind. Wir berichten von einem 9-jährigen Mädchen, das mit(More)
Isolated rupture of the lower jejunum after blunt abdominal trauma is rare. The pediatric population, especially school-aged children, sustains these isolated injuries due to blunt trauma more frequently than adults. The lack of severe clinical symptoms in the beginning and therefore a delay in diagnosis are the main problems of these traumatic injuries. We(More)
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