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Ninety-two patients with schizophrenia were included in a double-blind multicentre parallel-group trial comparing remoxipride and haloperidol. The mean daily dose during the last week of treatment was 316 mg (range, 150-600 mg) in the remoxipride group and 8.7 mg (range, 5-20 mg) in the haloperidol group. The study period was six weeks with at least one day(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the tolerability and efficacy of 150-600 mg remoxipride (predominantly a DA2 receptor antagonist) in an open long-term (1 year) multicentre trial in chronic schizophrenic patients. The mean duration of illness before entering the study was 21 years and the pre-study neuroleptic dosage in chlorpromazine equivalents was(More)
Animal data suggest that a D1 antagonistic component in neuroleptic drugs counteracts development of dopamine supersensitivity and of tolerance to cataleptic effect. This has led to the hypothesis that neuroleptics with D1 antagonistic activity should cause a better suppression of tardive dyskinesia (TD) and less rebound aggravation after withdrawal than(More)
  • EkAsen Sjukhus, Dikemark Sykehus, +12 authors Uffe Juul Povlsen
  • Psychopharmacology
  • 2004
Participating centers: 1Sct. Hans Hospital, Dept. 2, Roskilde, Denmark; 2Vordingborg Amtshospital, Denmark; 3Nickby Sjukhus, Finland; 4Hesperia Sjukhus, Finland; 5Ek»sen Sjukhus, Finland; 6Dikemark Sykehus, Norway; 7Lillhagen Sjukhus, Gothenborg, Sweden Participating clinicians: J. Gerlach1, U.G. Ahlfors4, K.F. Amthor6, S.J. Dencker7, A. Gravem6, B. Gunby6,(More)
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