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OBJECTIVE To explore new tumor features for refined category formation that permits the tailoring of individualized treatment schemes in lung cancer. STUDY DESIGN Survival data on patients from six independent studies on cases with surgically treated lung cancer, primary lung carcinoids or metastasizing breast carcinoma (including data on primary breast(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Pulmonary metastases of breast carcinomas have a high frequency and are often subject to surgical intervention. To contribute to advances in the knowledge about morphometric and biochemical parameters of primary tumors and their metastatic lesions, analysis of syntactic structure and thermodynamic aspects as well as of expression(More)
In Germany for a long time mental illness among homeless people didn't occur as an urging problem. Only lately the number of surveys about mental health problems among homeless people is slowly rising (along with a strong increase of homeless people), most of them being cross-sectional among users of local homes, hostels or shelters. The paper gives a short(More)
In most European countries several reform indicators point to a marked change in psychiatric care during the last three decades. Almost everywhere the size of psychiatric hospitals was reduced and the number of beds decreased. The development in the outpatient and complementary sector is less clear. Different European countries provide sheltered living(More)
In the past 25 years, psychiatric care for the chronically mentally ill in Germany has improved steadily. However, has improved steadily. However, this patient group continues to be discriminated against, especially in the sphere of outpatient care. The mentally ill often do not meet the requirements that the respective social security agencies, i.e. in(More)
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