U. Börner

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Experiments with myxobacterial aggregates reveal standing waves called rippling patterns. Here these structures are modeled with a simple discrete model based on the interplay between migration and collisions of cells. Head-to-head collisions of cells result in cell reversals. To correctly reproduce the rippling patterns, a refractory phase after each cell(More)
Recent pharmacological investigations have support the hypothesis that spinal modulation of nociception as well as motor coordination is related to the activity of spinal interneurons and that certain spinal transmitters are involved in the control of both regulatory systems. Opioids and benzodiazepines, i.e. endorphin- or GABA-induced mechanisms, may be of(More)
MOTIVATION The analysis of metabolic processes is becoming increasingly important to our understanding of complex biological systems and disease states. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) is a particularly relevant technology in this respect, since the NMR signals provide a quantitative measure of the metabolite concentrations. However, due to(More)
In 10 patients with lesions of the sensorimotor cortex cortical SEP were registered to identify the postcentral gyrus, and intra-operative ultrasound sonography served to locate the lesion. The combination of both techniques helped to find the optimal approach to the lesion. Postoperative results were considered favourable, as only one patient suffered(More)
The efficacy of intrathecally administered baclofen was demonstrated in three patients with different types of muscular hypertonia (supraspinal rigidity, spasms shortly after spinal trauma, spasms for many years induced by multiple sclerosis) using integrated electromyography. Reduction of muscular electrical activity was accompanied by clinical improvement(More)
We present an original method for the accurate quantum treatment of the planar three body Coulomb problem under electromagnetic driving. Our ab initio approach combines Floquet theory, complex dilation, and the representation of the Hamiltonian in suitably chosen coordinates without adjustable parameters. The resulting complex-symmetric, sparse banded(More)
A patient with recurrent hemorrhage into the posterior fossa leading to loss of central respiratory drive is described. Repeated i.v. application of corticotropin-releasing hormone over a period of 24 days enabled weaning from long-term controlled mechanical ventilation by reinstitution and maintenance of spontaneous respiration.