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Ultrastructural analysis of the polydnavirus of the braconid wasp Chelonus inanitus revealed that virions consist of one cylindrical nucleocapsid enveloped by a single unit membrane. Nucleocapsids have a constant diameter of 33.7 +/- 1.4 nm and a variable length of between 8 and 46 nm. Spreading of viral DNA showed that the genome consists of circular dsDNA(More)
A heparin-binding protein with neurotrophic activity for perinatal rat neurons, termed HBNF, was purified to homogeneity from bovine brain utilizing pH 4.5 extraction, ammonium sulfate precipitation, cation exchange and heparin-Sepharose affinity chromatographies, and reverse phase HPLC. In the presence of protease inhibitors during extraction, a protein(More)
Double-bundle ACL reconstruction has been demonstrated to be at least as effective as single-bundle reconstruction in terms of restoring knee rotational and translational stability. Until now, the influence on knees with hyperextension has not been evaluated. It was the purpose of this study to evaluate whether double-bundle ACL reconstruction restricts(More)
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