Uğur Koçer

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A case report of a clinically malignant mass measuring 10 x 8 x 10 cm over the shoulder of a 55-year male patient is presented. In the ultrasound examination, it was indicated that the soft tissue tumor did not invade the chest wall. The excisional biopsy revealed a benign chondroid syringoma. This is a report of a quite rare chondroid syringoma case and(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous pyogenic granuloma is the intravasal counterpart of cutaneous pyogenic granuloma. This rare, benign lesion appears clinically as a subcutaneous nodule usually located in the upper extremity or neck in middle-aged people. It is hard to make an exact diagnosis on clinical basis, and there is a risk of recurrence because of(More)
BACKGROUND Pilonidal sinus is a common disease that mostly affects young people. Despite numerous treatment modalities, the best technique has not yet been determined and there are many recurrences, causing economic losses and serious discomfort for the patients. METHODS The authors used V-Y rotation flaps for coverage of the defects after excision and(More)
BACKGROUND There are many treatment alternatives for reconstruction of leg and foot defects. One of these treatment alternatives includes local flaps. A detailed understanding of the blood flow of the leg region is essential for producing new alternatives for the reconstruction of defects of this region. METHODS The leg and foot region blood flow was(More)
Reconstruction of the bone defects due to various causes is still one of the challenging problems in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Periosteum is accepted to be the essential source for the repair of the bone tissue, which constitutes the basis of the support and the mobility functions of the surrounding tissues. Periosteal grafts and flaps have been(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common form of cancer in Caucasians. This study was undertaken to define clinical features of BCC treated by surgical excision in Turkish patients. One-hundred and ninety-eight patients with 216 BCC, all treated by surgical excision, were studied prospectively. Age and sex distribution, personal and family history,(More)
Currently, various alloplastic materials are being used for reconstruction of three-dimensional structures, and high-density porous polyethylene is so far the best and the most commonly used material. Various indications for high-density porous polyethylene have been defined for closure of craniofacial defects, correction of congenital anomalies, and(More)
Intraosseous hemangiomas are rare benign lesions, occurring often in verbrata and skull. These lesions can present in the head and neck region being the next most common site with a predominance of the mandible. Herein we report a patient who experienced a soft tissue hemangioma occurring at the previous surgical site three years after the first operation.
Neuromuscular hamartoma is a rare benign tumor consisted of well-differentiated striated muscle fibers within mature neural elements. Though most cases are composed of solitary masses associated with major peripheral nerves, multiple tumors or subcutaneous tumors without any association with peripheral nerves have also been reported. Twenty-three(More)
The eyebrow is an important subunit of facial aesthetics and expression. Partial or total absence of the eyebrow is an unacceptable and disturbing condition. Aesthetic eyebrow reconstruction is a challenging problem for the reconstructive surgeon. In this paper a simple and reliable procedure for eyebrow reconstruction is presented. An aesthetically(More)