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An unusual chondroid syringoma.
This is a report of a quite rare chondroid syringoma case and its clinical presentation, localization, and diameter. Expand
Plasmacytoma of the hard palate.
The authors present a rare plasmacytoma case with maxilla involvement, defined as neoplastic proliferation of plasma cells in the soft tissue in the upper respiratory tract. Expand
Pull-In Suture Technique for the Treatment of Mallet Finger
The pull-in technique allows accurate realignment of the tendon–bone unit without any specific instrumentation or intraoperative fluoroscopic imaging methods. Expand
Clinicopathological evaluation of Marjolin ulcers over two decades
Marjolin ulcers are aggressive tumors that require special care and in order to prevent life threatening sequelas of this entity, it is important to know basic aspects of clinical progress, prognostic factors and treatment modalities. Expand
Osteogenic Capacities of Periost Grafts, Periost Flaps and Prefabricated Periosteal Flaps: Experimental Study
This study confirms the reconstructive capacity of prefabricated periosteal flaps as an alternative to periosterpine flaps for the repair of osseous tissues as well as indicating the osteogenic capacity of the periOSTeal grafts, though in a lesser degree. Expand
V-Y Rotation Advancement Fasciocutaneous Flap for Excisional Defects of Pilonidal Sinus
The V-Y rotation advancement flap is a good alternative method for the treatment of pilonidal sinus and satisfactory regarding aesthetics, and all the patients were satisfied with the result. Expand
A New Anatomical Repair Method for the Treatment of Ingrown Nail: Prospective Comparison of Wedge Resection of the Matrix and Partial Matricectomy Followed by Lateral Fold Advancement Flap
Partial matricectomy followed by lateral fold advancement flap and LFAF is a good alternative method for the treatment of ingrown nail, with less recurrence rates and cost and better cosmetic results. Expand
Basal cell carcinoma in Turkey
Clinical characteristics of BCC in Turkish patients have both similarities and differences compared with other countries. Expand
Incidental idiopathic calcinosis cutis in a rhytidectomy patient.
A case who had idiopathic calcinosis cutis in her neck may be a proof that this condition is not confined to genitals or the breasts and can be seen all over the skin. Expand
Skin and Soft Tissue Necrosis following Hymenoptera Sting
Background: All kinds of bees, wasps, and hornets are members of the hymenoptera order. Local hypersensitivity reactions after bee stings are very common and well studied. However, tissue necrosesExpand