Uğur Güdükbay

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Direct volume visualization is an important method in many areas, including computational fluid dynamics and medicine. Achieving interactive rates for direct volume rendering of large unstructured volumetric grids is a challenging problem, but parallelizing direct volume rendering algorithms can help achieve this goal. Using Compute Unified Device(More)
High user interaction capability of mobile devices can help improve the accuracy of mobile visual search systems. At query time, it is possible to capture multiple views of an object from different viewing angles and at different scales with the mobile device camera to obtain richer information about the object compared to a single view and hence return(More)
  • Yalın Baştanlar, İ Sengör Altıngövde, Anıl Aksay, Orhan Alav, Özge Çavuş, Yasemin Yardımcı +18 others
  • 2006
A web-based system – consisting of data entrance, access and retrieval modules-is constructed for museums. Internet users that visit the e-museum, are able to view the written and visual information belonging to the artworks in the museum, are able to follow the virtual tour prepared for the different sections of the museum, are able to browse the artworks(More)
To reduce the complexity of polygonal models used in computer graphics, simplification techniques are applied on these models. Mesh Optimization is one of these techniques that requires a high running time, but gives good results. This paper proposes some modifications on this method to improve the performance and presents the results of performance(More)
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