Uğur Şayli

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Although, the safe limits of human daily boron (B) exposure are not absolutely clear, there is a growing interest in B and its effects on human health. The aim of the present study was to estimate daily B exposure in 66 males in Turkey living in a B-rich area using water containing at least 2 mg/l boron, with an average age of 38.55 (se 1.66) years and an(More)
de Quervain's disease of pregnancy and lactation is usually self-limited and responds well to nonsurgical treatment. We conducted a randomized prospective study on 19 wrists of 18 patients with de Quervain's disease who were either pregnant or breast-feeding. One group had a cortisone injection into the tendon sheath and the other group used thumb spica(More)
Prosthetic arthritis caused by Candida species is extremely rare. Of 30 such cases reported in the English literature, only 3 were due to Candida glabrata. We present herein a fourth case; to the best of our knowledge this is the first example of knee arthroplasty infection caused by C. glabrata.
Syndactyly type II (synpolydactyly (SPD)) is an autosomal dominant condition with typical abnormalities of the distal parts of both upper and lower limbs. We report here a previously undescribed phenotypic feature of people with severe hand and foot deformities who were born to two affected parents. This is the first example of SPD subjects manifesting a(More)
A very large Turkish family with syndactyly type II (synpolydactyly (SPD)) is described, which originated from and is mainly concentrated in the village of Derbent, Afyon. The kindred consists of 425 subjects over seven generations, of whom 182 are affected. It appears that a founder effect in this village has led to this extensive kindred. This condition(More)
This study examined the outcomes of ultrasound-monitored Pavlik harness treatment in 25 infants (2 boys and 23 girls) representing a total of 31 cases of developmental dysplasia of the hip of Graf type IIc or more severe. For all infants, Pavlik harness treatment started after ultrasonographic diagnosis in our clinic. If there was no improvement by the(More)
Torsional malalignment of the lower extremity, especially during childhood, is a common concern and even an anxiety to the parents. Torsional deformity may be seen at one or more sites, and tibial torsion is a frequent cause of this problem. Medial femoral torsion and metatarsus adductus also affects the alignment of the extremity. Although a corrective(More)
In this prospective, randomized study, short-term immobilization with semi-rigid (Soft Cast) and rigid (Scotchcast Plus) synthetic cast materials were compared for the functional treatment of acute grade 3 lateral ligament injuries of the ankle. Degree of ligament injury was assessed by clinical criteria. Duration of immobilization was 2 weeks for both(More)
Several types of abnormalities of the vertebral column have been reported. Pelvic rib or pelvic digit is a rare congenital anomaly of the spine. A 58-year-old male patient presented with a complaint of a firm mass in the neck. He had no history of trauma and had been aware of the mass for years. Physical examination showed a painless and immobile mass in(More)
Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita is a relatively benign, rare cutaneous disorder with various manifestations. A seven-year-old girl, who presented with extremity hypoplasia, had the characteristic reticular, patchy, blue-pink cutaneous lesions, which became more prominent with exposure to cold temperatures. She had 4.8 cm shortening of her right(More)