Tzyy-Sheng Horng

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—This paper formulates various quality () factors associated with the applications of on-chip spiral inductors to radio-frequency integrated circuits using-parameters. The formulations start with the factor of a spiral inductor in a generalized two-port configuration based on a new complex-power approach and then extend to the factors of a tank and matching(More)
This paper presents wearable health monitors that are based on continuous-wave Doppler radar technology. To achieve low complexity, low power consumption, and simultaneous wireless transmission of Doppler information, the radar architecture is bistatic with a self-injection-locked oscillator (SILO) tag and an injection-locked oscillator (ILO)-based(More)
To achieve sensitivity, comfort, and durability in vital sign monitoring, this study explores the use of radar technologies in wearable devices. The study first detected the respiratory rates and heart rates of a subject at a one-meter distance using a self-injection-locked (SIL) radar and a conventional continuous-wave (CW) radar to compare the sensitivity(More)
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