Tzyh Jong Tarn

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In this paper we consider the problem of uniform asymptotic stabilization of neutral delay differential systems by a suitable choice of linear feedback law, where the controller is static and at timet 0 has full knowledge ofx(t 0) ∈ ℝ n as well asx(t 0 − d) for finitely many delays present in the system. Using complex analysis in several variables in a(More)
A nonlinear feedback robot controller that incorporates the robot manipulator dynamics as well as the robot joint motor dynamics is proposed in this paper. The manipulator dynamics and the motor dynamics are coupled to obtain a third-order dynamic model, and differential geometric control theory is applied to produce a linearized and decoupled robot(More)
This paper addresses the problem of disturbance attenuation (in the sense of L2-gain), with internal stability and no cost on the control input, for nonlinear systems, when the problem of almost disturbance decoupling is not solvable, i.e., when the least achievable attenuation level between disturbance and regulated output is nonzero. Two different(More)
This paper discusses the problem of using feedback and coordinates transformation in order to transform a given nonlinear system with outputs into a controllable and observable linear one. We discuss separately the effect of change of coordinates and, successively, the effect of both change of coordinates and feedback transformation. One of the main results(More)