Tzuu-Shaang Wey

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Network-on-chip (NoC) has been introduced as a new paradigm to solve System on chip (SOC) design challenges. The Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture as a viable solution to the complex on-chip communication problems. Communication performance of NOC's is heavily depends on routing algorithm. The architecture of NOC is based on topology, routing(More)
The Network-on-Chip (NoC) is Network-version of System-on-Chip (SoC) means that on-chip communication is done through packet based networks. In NOC topology, routing algorithm and switching are main terminology . The routing algorithm is one of the key factor in NOC architecture. The routing algorithm ,which defines as the path taken by a packet between the(More)
A new architecture for network on chip (NOC) called Mesh-Tree and its deterministic algorithm has been presented. In this paper, we present an adaptive deadlock-free router. A Mesh-Tree is a multilayered, 3D, pyramidal architecture. Each layer is a mesh and trees are used to connect adjacent layers. This architecture is good for broadcasting and high speed(More)
For instruction decompression, techniques such as single buffering, double buffering and pipelining have been proposed. However, due to jumping penalty, these techniques incur more delays in pipeline or system has to be stopped to refill the cache buffers. A Pipeline with Back-up for Flushing (PBF) technique has been developed that incurs no delay and(More)
For instruction decompression, many techniques have been developed. However, when branching and cache missing occur, they may either incur delays to refill buffers or sacrifice the compression ratio or slow down the clock rate. This paper presents a new technique based on cycle-stealing technique to eliminate all these defects. The simulation results for(More)
To effectively improve the efficiency of energy supply, quantification is required to determine its significance in our daily lives. Building an energy management system to monitor and acquire information such as energy supply and environmental factors is a necessary task for the quantification of energy consumption. We chose to build the energy management(More)
A cycle stealing technique has been presented for avoiding the delays for instruction decompression when branching and cache missing occur. However, its cost is relatively high and it can't deal with exceptions. A new cycle-stealing technique is presented to reduce the cost and deal with exception handlings. The simulation results for several benchmarks(More)
In order to increase the engine power, economy and improve the pollution emissions, a new smart ignition system is proposed. Through a programmable and controllable ignition angle technique to improve the ignition efficiency for the DC capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) system. The 8-bit single chip microcomputer is implemented to read the crankshaft speed(More)
A real-time address tracer is a kernel of a dynamic debugging system for any embedded system such as the ARM7TDMI. In our previous version, we have provided an effective compression method, which usually uses only 8 to 32 entries (32 bits each entry) of table, a simple counter and low cost hardware instead of using 0.5k to 4k entries of dictionary and(More)
A cost effective and user-friendly indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network implemented with the TI CC2430 ZigBee chip is described. In this proposed system, a temperature and relative humidity sensing module and a carbon dioxide sensing module were integrated in each ensor node which was placed in different indoor(More)