Tzuu-Hseng S. Li

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This paper proposes the implementation of fuzzy motion control based on reinforcement learning (RL) and Lagrange polynomial interpolation (LPI) for gait synthesis of biped robots. First, the procedure of a walking gait is redefined into three states, and the parameters of this designed walking gait are determined. Then, the machine learning approach applied(More)
In this paper, the concepts of car maneuvers, fuzzy logic control (FLC), and sensor-based behaviors are merged to implement the human-like driving skills by an autonomous car-like mobile robot (CLMR). Four kinds of FLCs, fuzzy wall-following control, fuzzy corner control, fuzzy garage-parking control, and fuzzy parallel-parking control, are synthesized to(More)
In this paper, an interval type-2 fuzzy sliding-mode controller (IT2FSMC) is proposed for linear and nonlinear systems. The proposed IT2FSMC is a combination of the interval type-2 fuzzy logic control (IT2FLC) and the sliding-mode control (SMC) which inherits the benefits of these two methods. The objective of the controller is to allow the system to move(More)
A genetic-algorithm (GA)-based fuzzy proportionalplus-integral/proportional-plus-derivative (PI/PD) controller is proposed for an automotive active suspension system (AASS). The fuzzy PIand PD-type controllers are combined to cope with the different road conditions. By using the merit of GA’s, the optimal decision-making rules for both types of controllers(More)