Tzung-Shi Chen

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Wireless sensor network is an emerging technology that enables remote monitoring objects and environment. This paper proposes a protocol to track a mobile object in a sensor network dynamically. The previous researches almost focus on how to track object accurately and they do not consider the query for mobile sources. Additionally, they need not report the(More)
This study is to demonstrate the impact of different teaching strategies on the learning performance of environmental education using quantitative methods. Students learned about resource recycling and classification through an instructional website based on the teaching tool of WebQuest. There were 103 sixth-grade students participating in this study and(More)
In this paper, we devote our efforts to the techniques of allocatiing array elements of nested loops onto multicomputers in a communication-free fashion for parallelizing compilers. The arrays can be partitioned under the communication free criteria with non-duplicate or duplicate data. In addition, the performance of the strategies with non-duplicate and(More)
A novel data-collecting algorithm using a mobile robot to acquire sensed data from a wireless sensor network (WSN) that possesses partitioned/islanded WSNs is proposed in this paper. This algorithm permits the improvement of datacollecting performance by the base station by identifying the locations of partitioned/islanded WSNs and navigating a mobile robot(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a characteristized by multi-hop wireless links, in the absence of any cellular infrastructure, as well as frequent host mobility. Existing on-demand multicasting protocols are categorized into tree-based and mesh-based strategies. In this paper, we propose a new on-demand multicast routing protocol, named(More)
Wireless communications and digital electronics have enabled the development of low-power, low-cost, multifunctional sensors. The functionality of sensor network mainly is the measurement collection. The previous proposed protocols mainly focus on broadcasting tree structure, but it may not be efficient in data gathering. In this paper, we propose novel(More)
In a mesh multicomputer, submeshes are scheduled to perform jobs according to some processor allocation schemes, each job assigned to occupy processors of one submesh with an appropriate size. In order to assign the region for the incoming jobs, a task compaction is needed to produce a larger contiguous free region. The overhead of task compaction is(More)