Tzu-Yin Lin

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Processor fault diagnosis plays an important role in measuring the reliability of multiprocessor systems and the diagnosis of many well-known interconnection networks. The conditional diagnosability, which is more general than the classical diagnosability, is to measure the diagnosability of a multiprocessor system under the assumption that all of the(More)
Well-crystalline one-dimensional ZnO-Zn2GeO4 (ZGO) heterostructures were successfully synthesized using a high-temperature solid-state reaction between the ZnO and Ge layers of ZnO-Ge core-shell nanostructures. The polycrystalline ZGO crystallites had a thickness in the range of 17 to 26 nm. The high-temperature solid-state reaction induced grooves and(More)
Sense and antisense oligonucleotide pairs encoding cell-penetrating peptides PTD (Tat47-57), DPV3A, E162, pVEC, R11, and TP13 were used to construct two sets of pET22b-CPP-DsRed and pET22b-CPP-J-DsRed vectors for CPP-DsRed and CPP-J-DsRed recombinant proteins expression. PTD-DsRed, DPV3A-DsRed, PTD-J-DsRed, and DPV3A-J-DsRed recombinant proteins were(More)
The rapid growth of network access and the development of Web 2.0 have resulted in the popularity of virtual communities (VCs), such as Wikipedia, Facebook, professional forums and social network communities. The impact of VCs increasingly spreads over a broad range of fields, from social and educational to business. The content (i.e., knowledge) that VC(More)
While microRNA (miRNA) expression is known to be altered in a variety of human malignancies contributing to cancer development and progression, the potential role of miRNA dysregulation in malignant mast cell disease has not been previously explored. The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential contribution of miRNA dysregulation to the(More)
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