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We present a novel image representation that characterizes a color image by an intensity image and a small number of color pixels. Our idea is based on solving an inverse problem of colorization: Given a color image, we seek to obtain an intensity image and a small subset of color pixels, which are called landmark pixels, so that the input color image can(More)
Based on wireless local area networks (WLAN), this paper presents the navigation of a robotic wheelchair. We propose a radio based robot localization with a particle filter by using received signal strength from WLAN. An intelligent strategy is proposed to select the informative WLAN signals and reduce the algorithm complexity. Furthermore, we introduce a(More)
The elastic stretch-shortening cycle of the Achilles tendon during walking can reduce the active work demands on the plantarflexor muscles in series. However, this does not explain why or when this ankle work, whether by muscle or tendon, needs to be performed during gait. We therefore employ a simple bipedal walking model to investigate how ankle work and(More)
Automatic photo cropping is an important tool for improving visual quality of digital photos without resorting to tedious manual selection. Traditionally, photo cropping is accomplished by determining the best proposal window through visual quality assessment or saliency detection. In essence, the performance of an image cropper highly depends on the(More)
Since the 1990s, brown root rot caused by Phellinus noxius (Corner) Cunningham has become a major tree disease in Taiwan. This fungal pathogen can infect more than 200 hardwood and softwood tree species, causing gradual to fast decline of the trees. For effective control, we must determine how the pathogen is disseminated and how the new infection center of(More)
We present an unsupervised method for discovering objects from depth information. Our method can identify new common objects appearing in different depth images. We use 2D bounding box proposals to detect candidate locations of objects in each depth image, and then retrieve the corresponding 3D bounding boxes using the depth information. Invalid object(More)
Since a proficient golf swing is a key element in success in golf, golfers always make much effort in improving their swing skills. However, if not under the supervision of a coach, a golfer cannot effectively perceive his/her faults in swings and comprehend how to change the swing mechanics. In this paper, we propose a vision-based golf training system,(More)
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