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Employee participation in decision making, psychological ownership and knowledge sharing: mediating role of organizational commitment in Taiwanese high-tech organizations
This study aims to investigate the effect of employee participation in decision making (EPDM) on employees’ positive cognition and attitudes which can lead to their knowledge-sharing behaviour.Expand
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A multilevel investigation of relationships among brand‐centered HRM, brand psychological ownership, brand citizenship behaviors, and customer satisfaction
Purpose – This paper aims to investigate the process of internal brand management that makes employees identify with the corporate brand and produce positive attitudes and behaviors, thusExpand
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Exploring the linkages between formal ownership and psychological ownership for the organization: The mediating role of organizational justice
Extending previous research on formal ownership and psychological ownership in organizations, this study simultaneously examines the relationships between employee participation in three formalExpand
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A tale of two tigers: employee financial participation in Korea and Taiwan
This paper examines the structure and evolution of programmes for exmployee financial participation in South Korea and Taiwan. Reasons for the changing incidence of these programs over the post-WorldExpand
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A Longitudinal Investigation of Person–Organization Fit, Person–Job Fit, and Contextual Performance: The Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership
In this study we present new insights into the relationships surrounding employees’ feelings of psychological ownership (PO) at work and the resulting effects on contextual performance. CharacterizedExpand
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Corporate Branding, Brand Psychological Ownership and Brand Citizenship Behaviour: Multilevel Analysis and Managerial Implications
Brand psychological ownership can be defined as a psychological experience producing positive brand attitudes and brand cognitions, such as a feeling of ownership towards a brand, and altruisticExpand
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Industrial Democracy and Institutional Environments: A Comparison of Germany and Taiwan
Facing economic liberalization and industrial restructuring since the mid-1980s, Taiwan's labour has been advocating the idea of industrial democracy. The German co-determination system has beenExpand
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The attitudinal and behavioral impact of brand-centered human resource management: Employee and customer effects
Purpose This paper investigates the effects of brand-centered human resource management (HRM) on employees’ person-brand fit, brand commitment (BC) and brand citizenship behavior (BCB). In addition,Expand
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Investigating the dual-route effects of corporate branding on brand equity
Abstract This research investigated the multilevel relationships among corporate branding, brand citizenship behavior, and brand equity using a hierarchical linear modeling method. The corporateExpand
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The Investigation of the Relation between Person-organization Fit, Person-job Fit, Psychological Ownership, and Contextual Performance: A Longitudinal Approach
According to prior research, psychological ownership may strengthen the relations between employers and employees and make employees produce extra-role and voluntary behaviors which fosterExpand
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