Tzu-Sen Yang

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In the application of microarray data, how to select a small number of informative genes from thousands of genes that may contribute to the occurrence of cancers is an important issue. Many researchers use various computational intelligence methods to analyzed gene expression data. To achieve efficient gene selection from thousands of candidate genes that(More)
Recently, the structure-function relationships between amphotericin B (AmB) and ergosterol have been solved using synthetic techniques that require a mycosamine-mediated direct binding interaction between AmB and ergosterol to form AmB ion channels. However, studies to directly probe the AmB-induced membrane permeability changes have not been conducted. In(More)
In this paper, an RFID-based on-lens sensor system is proposed for noninvasive long-term intraocular pressure monitoring. The proposed sensor IC, fabricated in a 0.18um CMOS process, consists of capacitive sensor readout circuitry, RFID communication circuits, and digital processing units. The sensor IC is integrated with electroplating capacitive sensors(More)
Electrochemical oxidation following sandblasting and acid-etching (SLA) treatment has received interest as a surface modification procedure for titanium (Ti) implants (denoted as an SLAffinity surface); however, little information is available on its impacts on the in vivo performance of SLAffinity-Ti implants. The present study evaluated the(More)
PURPOSE In this study, the electrical discharge machining (EDM) was formed on the surface of the Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64) specimen. MATERIALS The properties of adhesion and proliferation of MG-63 cells were evaluated the interactions between the EDM-treated layer and cells. RESULTS The incorporation of oxygen roughened the EDM-treated specimen surface on a(More)
PURPOSE This study developed calcium phosphate bone substitutes and their microstucture and in vitro cell response were evaluated in comparison with commercial hydroxyapatite (HA). MATERIALS HA powder was ball-milled and then sintered to transfer into the calcium phosphate bulks (CPB). The density, hardness, and microstructure of the CPB were(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to examine the osseointegration in low-density bone tissue for SLAffinity-treated implants with StemBios (SB) cell therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS The morphologies of SLAffinity-treated surfaces were characterized using scanning electron microscopy. In the animal model, implants were installed in the mandibular(More)
Accurately predicting binding affinity constant (K(A)) is highly required to determine the binding energetics of the driving forces in drug-DNA interactions. Recently, PD153035, brominated anilinoquinazoline, has been reported to be not only a highly selective inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor but also a DNA intercalator. Here, we use a(More)
Radiation therapy for cancer patients works by ionizing damage to nuclear DNA, primarily by creating double-strand breaks (DSB). A major shortcoming of traditional radiation therapy is the set of side effect associated with its long-range interaction with nearby tissues. Low-energy Auger electrons have the advantage of an extremely short effective range,(More)