Tzu-Ming Wang

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The reciprocal synapse between photoreceptors and horizontal cells underlies lateral inhibition and establishes the antagonistic center-surround receptive fields of retinal neurons to enhance visual contrast. Despite decades of study, the signal mediating the negative feedback from horizontal cells to cones has remained under debate because the small,(More)
—In the nanometer-scale CMOS technology, the gate-oxide thickness has been scaled down to provide higher operating speed with lower power supply voltage. However, regarding compatibility with the earlier defined standards or interface protocols of CMOS ICs in a microelectronics system, the chips fabricated in the advanced CMOS processes face the gate-oxide(More)
—A new 2xVDD-tolerant crystal oscillator circuit realized with 1xVDD CMOS devices without suffering gate-oxide reliability issue is proposed, which is one of the key mixed-voltage I/O cells in a cell library. The proposed circuit is realized with only thin gate-oxide devices with floating n-well technique. The proposed 2xVDD-tolerant crystal oscillator(More)
—A new design on mixed-voltage I/O buffers with slew-rate control but without gate-oxide reliability problem in low-voltage CMOS process is proposed. The proposed circuit can effectively reduce the ground bounce effects without suffering gate-oxide reliability problems and hot-carrier degradation issues. The proposed mixed-voltage I/O buffer with slew-rate(More)
Little is known about the cis-acting elements controlling transcriptional activities of fish rhodopsin and myf-5 genes. Transgenic medaka and zebrafish were used to characterize promoters of carp (Cyprinus carpio) rhodopsin gene (cRh) and zebrafish (Danio rerio) myf-5 gene (myf-5), respectively. Transgenic medaka carrying different lengths of cRh upstream(More)
—An on-glass 6-bit R-string digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with gamma correction for panel data driver is proposed. The proposed circuit ,which is composed of folded R-string circuit, segmented digital decoder, and reordering decoding circuit, has been designed and fabricated in a 3-μm low-temperature poly-Si (LTPS) technology. The area of the proposed(More)
An on-panel 6-bit R-string gamma-correction digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with reordering decoder circuit for panel data driver is proposed, which is composed of folded R-string circuit, segmented digital decoder, and reordering decoding circuit. By using the proposed reordering decoder circuit, the area of the proposed circuit is effectively reduced to(More)