Tzu-Hsiung Chen

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In this paper, we present a parallel connected component labeling method and its VLSI architecture design. The proposed method can assign labels to three pixels simultaneously for the raster scan input and then generate three label equivalences rapidly. We also present 3 arrays to process all label mergence. Based on the proposed method, we develop the(More)
The technology of panoramic image construction is widely used in many conditions. As the increasingly demand of monitoring system application, the attribute of real-time is more important during the panoramic construction. This paper describes a method of fast building panoramic video and output frames in real-time. SURF algorithm is employed to extract(More)
This paper proposes compact hand extraction to assist in computerized handshape recognition. We devised an image enhancement technique based on singular value decomposition to remove dark backgrounds by reserving the skin color pixels of a hand image. The polynomial approximation YCbCr color model was then used to extract the hand. After alignment, we(More)
An efficient design of the reverse converter forthe three-moduli set {2n, 2n+1-1, 2n-1} is presented in thispaper. The reverse converter  is structured by an adderbased on New Chinese Remainder Theorem II (NewCRT-II) conversion such that it can improve thehardware cost. The proposed conversion design iscompared with the existing works based on(More)
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