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The interplay between light polarization and matter is the basis of many fundamental physical processes and applications. However, the electromagnetic wave nature of light in free space sets a fundamental limit on the three-dimensional polarization orientation of a light beam. Although a high numerical aperture objective can be used to bend the wavefront of(More)
This Letter presents a scheme to embed both angular/spectral surface plasmon resonance (SPR) in a unique far-field rainbow feature by tightly focusing (effective NA=1.45) a polychromatic radially polarized beam on an Au (20 nm)/SiO2 (500 nm)/Au (20 nm) sandwich structure. Without the need for angular or spectral scanning, the virtual spectral probe(More)
In this paper, we demonstrated a far-field scheme for the manipulation of locally excited surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). This scheme features steering and shaping capabilities, and relies on the focusing of a high numerical aperture, in conjunction with spatially inhomogeneous polarized (SIP) illumination. We were able to control the propagation and(More)
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