Tzu-Hao Yu

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A single-chip reconfigurable Color Doppler DSP engine is presented. It acts as the computation kernel of the high-frequency ultrasonic imaging system under development. The flexibility of the proposed DSP engine enables users to acquire sufficient information as needed, while the specificity of the hardware compared to general-purpose processors reduces(More)
— Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Inverse FFT (IFFT) are adopted as the demodulation/modulation kernels in OFDM systems. The lengths of FFT/IFFT operations may vary in different applications of OFDM systems. Moreover, due to the trend of system-on-chip (SOC), rapid prototyping and intelligent soft IP designs are important design methodologies. In this(More)
A novel on-line Mixed-Scaling-Rotation CORDIC (MSR-CORDIC) VLSI architecture is proposed. This architecture not only maintains the scaling-free property of the original MSR-CORDIC, but also achieves the target of on-line angle computation. Compared with other existing CORDIC solutions, the proposed architecture is faster and more cost-efficient, especially(More)
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