Tzu-Chen Hung

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The design of a novel open slot monopole antenna with a coupling element for WiMAX 3.5 GHz is proposed. The characteristics of the proposed antenna were mainly manipulated by the geometry of the open slot and coupling elements. The end coupling effect of the coupling elements can be easily tuned for impedance matching and resonant frequency. The novel(More)
In recent years, most electronic products were overcome the thermal problem by additional cooling equipments. These designs induce the manufacturing cost and the risk of the cooling failure problem. The present study utilizes Taguchi experimental design to speed up the investigation in the passive cooling design for electronic systems. A representative CFD(More)
This paper investigates the voltage rise due to the regenerative braking of the dc machines associated with the gantry crane. Manipulation of a crane for precisely positioning the container has to operate so fast in order to keep cargo ship punctuality. The major components in a crane of a harbour container centre are the hoist and trolley which are(More)
This paper presents an approach to assessing transient stability of an interconnected power system which comprises of synchronous generator (SG) and induction generator (IG). The power systems under investigated were modelled, developed and simulated using SimPowerSystems<sup>reg</sup>. Fundamental analysis was carried out in an attempt to discover the(More)
When it comes to educating and training engineers, the main focus should be on developing their abilities in modeling and analyzing the phenomena for the physical problems. Unfortunately, so far most teaching approaches still emphasize on deriving equations in the classroom. Students’ learning motivation and curiosity could be seriously defeated due to the(More)
A two-dimensional numerical model of a spiral counter/low non-adiabatic heat recirculating combustor (Swiss roll) including the effects of variable properties, viscous flow, surface-to-surface radiative heat transfer, one-step chemical reaction, and heat loss from the burner to its surroundings was used to study its thermal effect. Extinction limits on the(More)
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