Tzong-Ming Wu

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Polymeric composite films with a high loading of nano-size silicates can hardly meet the increasingly stringent fireproof and smoke-free requirements during burning. Thus, it is desirable to prepare pure clay films that can block air, heat, and flame. Here we report an organic-free clay film capable of both flame- and heat-shielding. The film was prepared(More)
Stereocomplex-type poly(lactic acid) (SC-PLA)/oleylamine-modified layered zinc phenylphosphonate (SC-PLA/m-PPZn) nanocomposites are successfully fabricated using a solution mixing process. Wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) analysis reveals that the structural arrangement of the oleylamine-modified PPZn exhibits a large interlayer spacing of 30.3 Å. In(More)
The world's population is aging rapidly, particularly in developed countries. The trend toward prolonged life expectancy will increase the elderly population and thereby lead to an increase in occurrences of age-related health problems such as chronic disease. Healthcare services and home-based rehabilitation are in high demand, and the demand for(More)
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